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Rules & Guidelines


1. You may only advertise for content on the Smack Jeeves website. This includes the Smack Jeeves forums.
2. Do not place negative comments on other people's ads, no one wants their ad to look bad.
3. Do not place unrelated comments below advertisements.
4. Do not place links that make people automatically fav your comic.
5. Non-allowed pages and comments will be deleted.
6. Repeated offenders may be banned after their second warning.


1. Ad pages do better than banners!
2. Posting an ad for a comic with no pages yet puts people off!
3. Repeating your ad frequently might cause irritation!
4. Not adding the link to your comic puts people off!
5. Bumping happens. Often.
6. Leaving the comic makes your author comments disappear!
7. You might want to thank people for faving. ; )
8. When in doubt, we don't remove comments. Especially if the one who posted the ad responds to the comment.
If you feel a comment below your ad breaks a rule, feel free to ask The_mad_one or Djoing to delete it for you.
The posters of these deleted comments receive no warning due to the doubts.